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A range of Herbal products to restore and maintain your body's internal balance..

About Us

With a peaceful mind and fit body, your internal healing gets faster and more effective. Practicing a herbal way of living can be the most effective, natural and side-effect free way of treatment for various health issues. It not only relieves the body from the illness but also strengthens its internal healing power that enables a body to recover fast. 

Siddhi Herbal and Healing Center, founded in the year 2015, is engaged as a Supplier and Wholesaler of herbal products. Our range includes Herbal Capsule, Herbal Dental Cream, Herbal Eye Drop, Herbal Face Wash, Herbal Face Pack, Herbal Juice, Herbal Skin Care, Herbal Syrup, Herbal Tablet, etc. We procure these products from well-established firms, that formulate these in order to restore and maintain the lost balance between mental, emotional and physical health. Their key strength lies in the proper understanding of body functioning and illness, accordingly formulating the right remedies for it.

We make sure that the vendors we are associated with, adopt a manufacturing process that includes the use of organic and pure herbs that have passed through a rigorous and multi-staged selection process. Our manufacturing partners conduct thorough selection and careful sourcing of the herbs, oils and well as required minerals that are the key ingredients of our herbal products. Even after procurement, we maintain complete hygiene and high-quality control standards for these products to get optimum results. 

Herbal Products and Its Significance

Since ancient times, the science of herbal medicines is being practised to heal the body through natural herbs and home remedies. The core of herbal medicines is deeply associated with Ayurveda that operates on the basic Vedic principle of balancing the body with the five elements of the universe. 

In our range, there is variety and versatility to cater to the different types of body's nutritional needs. These products restore and maintain a proper balance between the three doshas of the body- Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The entire range is based on natural remedies and uses pure herbs that help in curing ailments of its roots.

Why Opt For Herbal Products?

Incorporating herbal products in your way of life is thoughtful and fruitful beyond any argument. It makes living simple, toxic-free and more close to nature. Use of herbs as a remedy for ailments, health issues, and skin problems is an age-old practice. Remaining true to the essence of the herbal products, we provide you Herbal Capsule, Herbal Juice, Herbal Tablet, etc. made of only herbs that aim to provide permanent relief.

  • No side effects
  • Affordable and contemporary medicinal technic 
  • Beneficial and healing properties
  • Easier to obtain as compared to prescription medicine